The term ‘rogue state’ is used for states which brutalize their own people, display no regard for international law, and threaten their neighbors. The American perspective, lists Iran, Libya, Iraq, and Syria as rogue states but today’s India, governed by the Modi government, lives up to all the characteristics of a rogue nation.

Today’s India is not only run by a fascist regime that has no regard for international law but is also actively involved in brutalities against minorities throughout the country. The Nazi-inspired regime is also the guardian of one of the world’s fastest developing nuclear weapons programs.

Atrocities against minorities

Currently, the ruling party in India is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) —the political arm of Nazi-inspired Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The PM is also known as the “Butcher of Gujarat” following the Muslim massacre carried out under his rule. Furthermore, persecution of Christians also increased by more than 40 percent in 2020. Similarly, according to the report ‘Quest for Justice’, by the National Dalit Movement for Justice, crimes against Dalits rose by 6% with more than 3.91 lakh atrocities reported during the last two years.

BJP pushed the Indian Supreme Court in 2020 to grant bail to 14 criminals who participated in the Gujarat massacre. These murderers are now free in India.

Aggressive leadership

As soon as Modi became the PM of India, the country’s claims of being a secular state started deteriorating. When Modi was the Chief Minister, Muslims were butchered in huge numbers in Gujarat. As per a senior police officer’s sworn statement provided to India’s Supreme Court, Gujarat Chief Minister Modi intentionally allowed anti-Muslim riots in the state. Sanjiv Bhatt said that he was in attendance at a meeting in which Modi said that the Hindus need to vent their anger. Resultantly, Modi was banned from stepping on US soil and denied a visa to the country due to violations of religious freedom.

The home minister and former BJP president Amit Shah found to be associated with the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), RSS’ student’s wing which explains the influence of RSS ideology on Modi’s government policies. 71% of the total ministers from BJP belong to the RSS background.

Disregard for international law

India has been turned into a state that has no regard for international laws while it is governed by the BJP-RSS nexus. The country has stripped the Indian-occupied Kashmir of its disputed status in a blatant disregard for multiple UN resolutions. Modi government scrapped the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) special status which was guaranteed by the country’s constitution decades ago in a bid to turn the only Muslim-majority state into a territory that falls under the control of the federal government.

The valley has been transformed into a Nazi-inspired concentration camp. The BJP-RSS nexus has also passed a controversial Citizens Amendment Act.

Threat for neighboring countries

India has disputes over territory with a number of its neighbors. It is in conflict with China and Pakistan and is also involved in disputes with Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. These conflicts are a reflection of the revisionist approach followed by India. The country’s military adventurism is a threat to the region’s peace and stability.

Modi’s India is far from western ideals of freedom and liberty. The country is home to a fascist ideology that discriminates against people on the basis of their caste and religion. Although some Indians have made their way into the present-day US administration, the superpower which claims to be a custodian of human rights cannot turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed in India. Ignoring a fascist ideology will cause a lot of damage to western democracies. A Hindutva-dominating India needs to be stopped before it threatens the international community. Hence, the global powers must act fast.


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