Sajid Khan’s continued involvement in the entertainment industry has always been a topic of discussion. Many young actors had levelled #MeToo allegations against him before he was announced as a participant in Bigg Boss 16. Now, starlets including Mandana Karimi, Aahana Kumra, Kanishka Soni and Sherlyn Chopra, have recently made similar claims against the infamous filmmaker.

There have been rumours that the channel has chosen to fire the director although Salman Khan is continuing to fight for keeping the disgraced director in the show due to their closeness to Farah Khan.

After digging further, reliable sources dismissed the claims as baseless rumours, according to Hindustan Times. There is no basis for the gossip that Sajid would be evicted from Bigg Boss 16; he is simply a contestant on the programme and will be sent home if he is eliminated following the show’s regulations. According to the publication, most likely, a grudge against him motivated the spreading of these rumours.

Numerous well-known people have criticised the show’s producers and presenter, Salman, for keeping Sajid on the show. Moreover, Swati Maliwal, head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), wrote to FWICE to have him removed from Bigg Boss 16.

There has been so much backlash against Sajid that the Times of India reported on Friday that he would be forced to leave the programme within a week. According to the story, Salman, who intended to aid Farah, had no notion that his actions would have such dire consequences.

In 2018, Sajid was barred from directing any films by the Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association. A year later, in December 2019, the ruling was reversed. Furthermore, there has been no further legal action taken against the claims, thus Sajid Khan is free to return to work and generate money for himself, as per sources.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn Chopra has also shared a video of her and her lawyer signing official papers on her social media, as they are planning on sending a legal notice to Bigg Boss 16 demanding the exit of Sajid Khan. She had earlier also taken to Twitter to speak about one of the most harrowing experiences she had, elaborating on the #MeToo movement. In the post, she also requested host Salman Khan to give his opinion regarding the matter. She said, “He had flashed his private part at me & asked me to rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. I’d like to enter into the house of Big Boss & give him the rating! Let ???? watch how a survivor deals with her molester!” Pls take a stand! @BeingSalmanKhan”

She further also went on to add in another post saying, “(Translation) If It was Salman Sir’s close female friend or relative who would have had to face what we all did with Sajid Khan, his disgusting action, would Salman Sir not take any action against Sajid? Salman Sir can you be the ‘Bhaijaan’ aka Brother of the female victims?”

In the past many actresses including Mandana Karimi spoke about Sajid Khan had misbehaved with them on several occasions. While DCW too demanded to take action against the filmmaker, FWICE sent out a letter, a day ago, in response to this demand asserting that he has served his punishment. They also requested the I&B Ministry to allow him to continue in Bigg Boss 16 claiming that it is his right to livelihood.


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