Pakistan has expressed alarm over India blocking Twitter accounts of Pakistani embassies in several locations.

“Deeply concerning that India has blocked flow of information to Indian Twitter by withholding access to following official accounts,” the Foreign Office said on Twitter, adding that the accounts that were withheld in India are official handles run by Pakistan’s missions in Iran, Turkiye, Egypt, and the United Nations.

Yesterday, it was reported in Indian news outlets that the neighbouring country had also withheld the Twitter handle of the official Radio Pakistan.

According to India Today, the move came after the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting earlier blocked 16 YouTube news channels including six Pakistan-based channels, claiming they were “spreading disinformation related to India’s national security, foreign relations, and public order”.

Earlier, Twitter had also blocked accounts of certain journalists — Indian and international — who are critical of the Modi regime.

Condemning the restriction on Twitter, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted on Monday night that the diminishing space for plurality of voices and access to information in India was “extremely alarming”.

“Social media platforms must abide by applicable international norms,” it stressed.

In a follow-up tweet, the FO urged Twitter to immediately restore access to the Pakistan missions’ accounts and ensure adherence to democratic freedom of speech and expression.


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