PTI Chairman Imran Khan has warned the government that if a date for the general elections is not announced, the “sea of people” heading towards Islamabad would be disastrous for it.

The PTI chairman has been holding a series of jalsas in different cities, including Karachi, Mianwali, Lahore, and Peshawar, as he rallies his party workers and leaders against the government ahead of the Islamabad march.

In his address at a rally at Mardan, Imran said he was calling people to Islamabad for a “revolution” for “real independence” for Pakistan.

“From here, I am giving a message to the corrupt thugs […] and the convict should also hear this: You will not make decisions for the country, but citizens will decide who will rule Pakistan,” he said.

Former prime minister Imran reiterated the United States had “conspired” against his regime, while the current government’s “Mir Sadiqs and Mir Jafars” were involved in it.

Imran said when he came to know about the “conspiracy”, he went to the “people who could stop it.”

“I told them that if this conspiracy succeeds, then our economy will falter given its current condition.”

The ex-prime minister said he asked former finance minister Shaukat Tarin to tell those who “call themselves neutral” that the economy will collapse, but unfortunately, they did not stop it.

“The dollar is approaching the Rs200 mark, the stock market is plunging, everything is becoming expensive […] the media should ask people how expensive things are, just like it questioned everything during our government,” Imran said.

The PTI chairman said that his party came into power after the “corrupt” politicians had already ruled the country for 10 years. “We inherited a historic deficit as they had destroyed the economy.”

Imran said given the condition of the economy when he formed the government, he went to seek loans from friendly countries — China, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Araba — to save the country from becoming a defaulter.

MEDIA TALK: Talking to journalists earlier, Imran said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was not the only “Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq”, as there are others as well and he would disclose their names when the time comes.

Imran asked people who supported the “conspiracy” whether they were not worried about Pakistan’s future. “It would have been better to drop an atom bomb on Pakistan than to have these people in power.”

The PTI chairman said he had learned about the “conspiracy” in June last year, but unfortunately, “all the decisions” were made to weaken his government — and it was eventually ousted.

The PTI chairman questioned which government official would “dare” to proceed with cases against “these corrupt people”.

Imran said that he was of the view that corruption would be an issue for the powerful quarters and that he was on the same page as them regarding the matter.

“But I am surprised that such thieves were brought into power. Corruption is not an issue for the powerful people,” the PTI chairman said.

Imran said his relationship with the establishment was good till the last day of his government, but there were two issues on which they did not see eye to eye.

The former prime minister said “powerful quarters” wanted Usman Buzdar removed as the chief minister, but he would tell them that there was “more corruption and governance issues in Sindh.”

The second disagreement with the establishment was over the issue of Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, as he wanted the army official to serve as the Inter-Services Intelligence chief till the “winters”, given the situation in Afghanistan and due to the then-opposition’s “plot”.

The ex-premier said he was still receiving messages from the establishment but he has “blocked their numbers” and would only speak to them once the date for the elections is announced.


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