Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said that he would give the final date of the long march within seven days.

He directed the party’s twin-city chapters and those in the adjoining areas to get ready for the final call against the government.

“I will not give any more time to oppressors and formally announce the date of a historic long march soon,” he told a meeting held to discuss the decisive long march to send the government packing. The meeting took stock of the key issues, including the overall political situation in the country, NRO-II and the latest audio leaks, particularly on the cypher.

After the announcement of the date, it was decided to finalise several strategic points at the same time. Moreover, before announcing the final date, the PTI chairman decided to fully prepare the organisations of Islamabad and surrounding districts. He gave targets to those responsible in the party cadre. Imran also wanted them to get themselves prepared for any possible “mischief” by the government and violence.

“Separate laws for the elite and common people are destroying the society, pushing the country deeper into moral degeneration, whereas the rule of law is the only way forward. NROs are a poison for the rule of law and the real cause of crises imposed on the nation,” Imran said.

The time of a decisive movement against “corrupt and criminal groups” has arrived, he said, stressing that full public support and participation were necessary to free Pakistan from the clutches of slavery and subjugation.

The PTI chairman said people should get ready for coming out to get rid of, what he called, worst inflation, economic mess and thieves. He will address worker conventions in Peshawar region and Faisalabad division.

SHIREEN MAZARI: Meanwhile, PTI’s Senior Vice President Dr Shireen Mazari said that cypher was a reality, although the word “conspiracy” was not used in it but it was based on threatening words. She told a news conference that everyone in the National Security Committee had acknowledged the threat to Pakistan.

She said Imran Khan’s visit to Russia was not undertaken on the prime minister’s own decision but decided in consultation with all those responsible.

“It is written in the cipher if Imran Khan survives the no-confidence motion, he will be isolated from America and Europe. It also said if Imran Khan is dismissed from office, everything will be forgiven. A question arises that who gave false information to the Americans about Imran,” she questioned.

Mazari contended that Shehbaz Sharif should be told the difference between a minor or important issue. “If there is a threat from a country, is it a matter of routine and the Foreign Ministry should be asked when the cipher came and if it was a minor issue, why was it hidden from the then foreign minister and the prime minister?”

The-then prime minister, she claimed, came to know from the embassy in Washington that a very important cipher had been sent. “When we demanded that the cipher should be made public, we came to know that it had disappeared from the Prime Minister’s Office. However, it is also available with the Supreme Court, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Presidency, Chief of Army Staff,” she claimed.

The PTI leader said Maryam Nawaz had lied that the cypher did not exist. “She has now come to know that the cypher is a reality. A question to the handlers of the imported government is, who is responsible for the deteriorating situation in the country, security threats due to audio leaks and political instability and economic destruction?”

She maintained that Imran Khan had said that America should not be named, as the PTI did not want to spoil the OIC conference. Dr Mazari said that the Official Secrets Act should be applied to Shehbaz Sharif on the audio leaks of Imran Khan.


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