Imran says he is against ‘black sheep’, not entire ‘institution’

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said he was against the “black sheep” and not the entire “institution”, as he said some people wanted him a fight with him and the military.

He said if there were any problems with institutions, it was with “two or three black sheep” in them “who violated the Constitution and law”.

In an interview aired by Bol News, he said, “They violated the fundamental rights of people,” he said and added that the rights of Shahbaz Gill and Azam Swati as well as journalists like Arshad Sharif were violated.

“So, because we are against these people, we’re against the entire institution. What sort of logic is that? Institutions have good and bad people in them and good institutions get rid of such people,” Imran said.

“Within my party — are we all angels? But a mechanism should be there to expel those in my party who do wrong. This will strengthen my party,” said Imran about the affairs of his own party

The PTI chairman said he was going to Rawalpindi for the nation and believed the nation would come out for him.

Imran also claimed that he never thought of appointing his own army chief and that appointees should be on merit. “Merit is what strengthens institutions.”

“These two corrupt, mafia clans that have ruled the country for 30 years… just look at history, it has been their attempt to have their own judge, their own IG. They destroyed the police.”

“These criminals need control so no one catches them. They have control of NAB, control everyone… but the military is the strongest, the one institution they could not harm,” he said in his tirade against the Sharif and Zardari families.

“They destroyed every other institution in 30 years. The one [institution] that’s remaining is the army. They’re trying their best to control it. That’s why they want their own chief.”


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