Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party leaders had promised to pull a crowd of one million but was the crowd that much and the venue spacious enough to house them is any body’s guess.

The Islamabad police put the figure at 60,000-70,000 while the Intelligence Bureau (IB) said the number was 26,000. Independent sources said 35,000 people had attended the rally. They insisted that the crowd was in no way near 100,000. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan, during his lengthy speech, repeatedly asked the noisy and boisterous audience to be quiet. He was satisfied with the number of the participants.

The stage secretary claimed over 2 million people had gathered there. PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb put the number at 10,000. According to the IB, 16,000 people attended the PDM sit-in.


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