Actor Hira Mani took to Instagram on Friday to share a couple of glimpses from her time at the BBC Asian Network. Posting photos with the presenter and her husband, the actor shared videos of some of her answers from the interview she gave.

She captioned her slideshow of a post, “It’s very rare for someone to do an interview in Urdu at the BBC Asian Network but I was one of the fortunate ones to be able to do this! Lots of love!” She went on to thank Mani for bestowing her with the confidence to do so, “Ye confidence Mani tumhara diya hua hai thanks. Forever.”

Hira’s response to the presenter about why she would rather speak in Urdu went on to make the rounds on social media and not because of what she said, rather, how she said it. The actor, after complimenting the presenter’s Urdu accent, went on to speak in English with an accent, before resorting to her native language.

In a Siri-esque fashion, she said, “I really want to speak in English but you know I have a fan following, a lot, in my country, in Asian you know, I’m Asian.”

Many have since been roasting the celebrity on Twitter. A user shared the video writing, “This new Siri update sounds amazing.” Another commented, “She is talking in italics.” Of course, some were instantly reminded of Ahsan Khan’s accent too. “Is she also a British-Asian actor who works here and there as well?” asked a tweep.

The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor also shared a clip in which she expressed how blessed she feels to be where she is today, asserting that she can die in peace knowing that she’s made it. When the presenter further inquired, “What drama do you think really made you in Pakistan, that most people talked about and you get recognised for?” In another hilarious response she said, “Mani se shaadi ka drama (The drama of getting married to Mani).”

Earlier, Hira had performed at a concert in Wembley Arena, London as part of the Jashan-e-Azaadi on August 14. While she appeared quite enthusiastic, the audience did not reciprocate her enthusiasm. An awkward moment went viral on social media that saw Hira trying to get the audience to sing along with her to no avail.


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