King Charles’ advisors and counselors have reportedly expressed their concerns regarding Prince Harry’s upcoming bombshell book.

Royal aides are concerned about the impact of the Duke of Sussex’s memoir that it could damage the king’s reign as the new monarch.

While the first 100 days of King Charles becoming the new emperor are being watched by his team – to determine how effective the king’s rule has been, it is reported that any alleged ‘truth bombs’ revealed in Harry’s book, the king’s reputation may suffer during this period.

Meanwhile, reports are pouring in that there are plans within King Charles’ team to try to delay the publication of Harry’s memoir.

The much-awaited book was scheduled to release by the end of the year. However, there was speculation that it could be pushed back to 2023.

A close aide of the king reportedly said that “no good” could come from Harry making any of his “complaints” public.

“No one can move forward if new attacks are coming and now is not the time to raise them,” he said.


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