Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F) President Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman has warned the government against posing any threat to the opposition parties, saying that they will give a befitting response.

“We are not wearing bangles,” Fazal said while announcing that the participants of his party’s long march would stay in the federal capital for two to three days after reaching there on Saturday.

He said that as the opposition is “staying in its limits” and the government should also not cross its limits.

The JUI-F president, who is also the chief of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), said that it was the alliance’s decision to hold talks with all the allies of the government.

Fazal said the PML-Q was in talks with the PML-N to settle matters between them.

He claimed that all matters with the government’s allied parties had been settled. The MQM-P had made no demand for a ministry but wanted a settlement with the PPP on the local government’s bill, he added.

Fazal said that the demand has been accepted.

He stated that the situation had gone out of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s hands now and he was making last-ditch attempts to save his government, but it was useless now.

He said all other matters would be discussed after the decision on no-confidence motion in the National Assembly.

He said in the 2018 elections, people’s mandate was stolen through the rigging, that was why the opposition wanted fresh elections now.


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