Without giving a date for resignations of lawmakers, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman announced on Monday that the alliance would hold an “anti-inflation march” in Islamabad on March 23 against the “government’s failures on several fronts.”

Addressing a press conference after a summit of alliance’s component parties’ chiefs in Islamabad, the PDM would “use this card” when the time is right.

Regarding PDM march, he said people from across the country would gather in Islamabad.

“A huge protest will be held against inflation,” he added.

Fazal said PDM’s provincial chapters would hold meetings to make arrangements for the march.

In Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif will call a meeting, he (Fazal) will hold a meeting in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) President Mahmood Khan Achakzai in Balochistan, while JUI-P President Shah Owais Noorani will hold a meeting in Sindh, he continued.

The PDM chief said the alliance would meet the Supreme Court Bar Association and Pakistan Bar Council and offer them to join the march.

Later, a seminar would also be held after holding talks with the lawyers, civil society and other communities.

“The purpose is to take them into confidence over the movement’s objectives,” he added.

The date of seminar would be announced in due course of time.

About the date of the protest [on Pakistan Day], he said: “We are also a part of the nation. The nation owns the state, and Islamabad is the place to resolve people’s problem.”

About duration of protest march, he said it could continue for a prolonged period.

Replying to a question on boycotting the assemblies’ sessions and seeking PPP and ANP’s help, Fazal said matters which are highlighted in the media might not necessarily be discussed in PDM’s meetings.

SIALKOT LYNCHING: The Maulana said the meeting condemned the Sialkot incident.

“Such incidents should be curbed, and it cannot be appreciated in any manner,” he added.

A Sri Lankan national who was working as manager at a factory in Sialkot, was lynched by hundreds of people, including workers from the factory on Friday.

Reiterating that the 2018 general elections were “rigged”, the JUI-F leader said that this government was brought to power by rigging.

“The incompetent government has failed miserably and the people are suffering from inflation, poverty, restlessness and unemployment,” he added.

“This government was formed without the mandate of the people,” he said.

SHEIKH RASHID: Responding to the PDM’s planned march on March 23, Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed termed it “immoral and irresponsible.”

He said Pakistan Army holds a traditional parade on the Pakistan Day on March 23.

“Masses and foreign ambassadors will partake in the parade […] the security is also on high-alert in the Federal Capital due to the parade,” the interior minister said.

He said that several routes are closed for two or three days due to security arrangements made for the parade, adding that holding the march on Pakistan Day will not be beneficial for the country.

Rashid also suggested PDM hold the march in April.


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