The federal government on Tuesday unveiled its energy conservation plan, according to which all the markets and restaurants will be shut down at 8pm. 

Addressing a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said that the wedding halls will be closed at 10pm.

The timings of the restaurants maybe extended an hour or so, he added.

“If 20% of the workers are sent to work from home on a rotational basis, this will save Rs56 billion,” said the minister.

The minister also shared that the federal government was recommending switching street lights on alternately which will save about Rs4 billion.

“The government is also introducing e-bikes which will phase out the bikes that use petrol. The government is negotiating with the companies to phase out the bikes that use petrol and modify the existing bikes,” said Asif.

The minister said that the government is reaching out to all four provinces to inform them about the policy and take them on board. He said that it is a national programme and will be launched with consensus.

Asif added that this plan will be finalised on Thursday after consultations with rest of the provinces.

Asif said that the country cannot afford the current living conditions as it is going through an serious economic situation. 

“We need to change our habits if we want to live within our means,” said the defence minister. Asif said that billions of rupees can be saved by conserving energy through different sources. 

“Austerity will be become a part of our nation which will end the economic problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, Adviser to PM Qamar Zaman Kaira assured that Pakistan will not default. He urged the people to accept the government’s policy. 

“The biggest issue of Pakistan is the import bill which is $26 to $28 billion and it keeps increasing. There is no other option for us than to take these steps and the nation will have to cooperate with the government,” said Kaira.


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