The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced on Wednesday that the by-elections to fill 20 vacant seats of Punjab Assembly will be held on July 17.

The seats fell vacant after the ECP de-seated dissident members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who voted for Hamza Shehbaz in election for the chief minister.

According to schedule, nomination papers will be accepted from June 4 to 7, and will be scrutinised on June 11. The election tribunal will decide on the appeals by June 21, while nomination papers can be withdrawn by June 23.

By-elections will be held on PP-7, PP-83, PP-90, PP-97, PP-125, PP-127, PP-140, PP-158, PP-167, PP-168, PP-170, PP-202, PP-217, PP-224, PP-228, PP-237, PP-272, PP-273, PP-282 and PP-288.

The ECP de-notified 25 dissident members of whom three were elected on seats reserved for women and two on seats reserved for non-Muslims.


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