Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has warned his rivals against “pushing him against the wall,” saying he will reveal the names of all those allegedly involved in intimidating him and his supporters.

“I am being pushed against the wall through bogus FIRs of terrorism and others… journalists who speak in our favour are being subjected to victimisation. The more you suppress my party, the more we will rise,” he said while addressing a rally in city of Sargodha on Thursday.

Imran, the ousted prime minister, said his opponents have already “lost the match” and whatever they do next to defeat will only harm the country’s interests. “Don’t think about your petty vested interest… think about the country… the people are not ready to see their future in leaders like Zardari and Nawaz.”

He said, “I have been tolerating this for the last four months but don’t push me to the point where I expose all faces who created all this mess for their vested interests.”

“The more you try to subdue me, the more I will fight harder,” he added.

Imran claimed that four people conspired in closed doors to disqualify him.

While reacting to his recent telethon, he said that overseas Pakistanis generously donated to the telethon, adding that many people could not be contacted because all of the telethon’s lines were busy. As more money is collected, a control room would be built to help the flood victims, he added.
“Chief Election Commissioner, you have understood for the first time what foreign funding is. We have been sent a lot of money by overseas Pakistanis,” he added.
Imran said that due to the slavery of the IMF, Pakistanis have to spread their hands, adding that by mobilizing overseas Pakistanis country can be saved from further debts.
“I have recorded a tape in which I have revealed the names of four people who conspired against me and planned to disqualify me. If something happens to me, that tape will be exposed to the public, and then the public will not spare those four people. The Election Commissioner was asked to disqualify me in the funding case,” Imran Khan claimed.
The former PM challenged and said that the Tosha Khana case should be heard openly, adding that the cases of Nawaz, Zardari, Yousaf Raza Gilani should also be heard. Things would become crystal clear, Imran added.

Speaking about rising inflation and electricity prices, he said the country was moving in the right direction and all economic indicators were positive when his government was toppled through a “foreign conspiracy”.

“Now, I want to ask who is responsible for imposing the thieves on the country and creating this mess.”

“Economy is sinking, remittances are declining… now the only way to come out of this quagmire is to hold free and fair elections,” he added.

The PTI chief said the coalition government led by the PML-N suffered a shock defeat in Punjab by-elections despite all “rigging attempts”.

After by-polls results, they got scared that if early elections are held, the PTI would secure two-thirds majority, he said.

“So, they started a conspiracy to disqualify me and the decision was taken behind a closed door to ‘completely eliminate’ me… that’s why I have recorded a video in which I had named four persons who will not be spared by the nation if anything happens to me.”

Imran said he was booked on terrorism charges for merely saying that legal action would be taken against those were involved in the torture on Shahbaz Gill.

He asked the ruling PML-N not to compare him with its supremo Nawaz Sharif, saying he earned money through hard work abroad.

“Whereas they [Sharif] bought London apartment from plundered wealth… robbery only affects individuals whereas corruption destroys societies.”

Hitting out at former president and PPP leader Asif Zardari, he said, “He [Zardari] has a disease that his legs start shivering when he sees money and he is ready to lay down his life for wealth.”

IMRAN ADDRESSES LAWYERS: Earlier, addressing lawyers at Circuit House in Sargodha, Imran reiterated that he would continue with his movement against the “thieves imposed on the masses” despite the floods that have wreaked havoc on the country.

“They [the leaders of the coalition government] have been telling me to sit down due to floods; however, I will help the flood-affected people more than them [government] and will also continue my political activities.”

Imran told lawyers that they have more responsibility towards ensuring the supremacy of law. “All problems that people are facing will be resolved with a good local government system,” the former premier said, stressing that he has been fighting for rule of law in the country.

“Here [in Pakistan] we have different laws for the weak and powerful people,” he said, adding that thieves belonging to the poor segment of the society are sent to jails while the powerful thieves are given “important positions.”

The PTI chief said that all divisions in the country should be converted into provinces. “The better the province is, people’s problems will be solved,” he said, adding that debate should be held in this regard as more provinces would reduce the problems.


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