Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Friday said that a “charter of economy” must be signed in order to overcome the current economic crises in the country.

Talking to reporters after appearing before the Accountability Court in Islamabad, Dar also urged political parties not to play politics on the economy.

“Political parties should promise that they will not do politics on the economy,” he said.

To a question regarding Moody’s Investor Service, he said that “do not worry, nothing will happen” as he talked to Moody’s on Thursday and explained the facts to them.

“I have told them to reverse it, if the agency did not reverse the downgrade of Pakistan’s sovereign credit rating, I would give a ‘befitting’ reply in a meeting with its officials next week,” he said.

Regarding the country’s economy, he said that the rupee value is strengthening and the value of the dollar depreciated in the country.

“Now, the country’s economy will further improve by taking different measures,” he said, adding no one will be allowed to control the rupee’s value artificially.

He said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) devalued Pakistan’s currency artificially. The value of the US dollar would come down below Rs200, he said, adding that with the improvement of the value of the rupee our foreign debt has decreased by Rs2,600 billion within a few days.

About the case against him, he said that it is fake and baseless. The actual case was regarding his tax returns from 1981 to 2001. He said he had never delayed filing tax returns in his life, adding, the case of not filing tax returns against me is baseless and just aimed at taking political revenge.

He said that he never opposed accountability. He said if anyone commits any wrong including him then he shall be punished for it but he is against political victimisation.


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