Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmad inaugurated the country’s first commercial court in Lahore on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad said commercial courts are crucial for the progress of the country’s economy.

He said the establishment of the first commercial court in Punjab was a revolutionary step for which he congratulated Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muham­mad Qasim Khan.

The CJP said the cases relating to businesses needed to be decided without delay as they had an indirect effect on the economy.

The Punjab government promulgated the Punjab Co­mmercial Courts Ordin­ance of 2021 after consultation with the LHC under “ease-of-doing business reform frame­work to establish the commercial courts.”

Later, speaking at a launch ceremony of “Citators of Civil & Criminal Law,” Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad said the progress of a society was linked to the implementation of the law.

He said it was a matter of pride that the courts continued to work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

LHC Chief Justice Khan said he had many projects on his priority list when he assumed office. He said some projects had been completed, however, a few faced a delay due to the pandemic.

He expressed the hope that the commercial court would deliver good decisions to make the judiciary proud. He hailed the performance of the district judiciary of Punjab saying the courts disposed of more cases in 2020 than 2019 despite the pandemic.


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