The Balochistan Assembly will meet on October 20 to formally take up the no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Jam Kamal submitted by his estranged party men.

According to the official notification issued here on Saturday, Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha signed the summary sent to him for convening the special assembly session after returning back to Quetta from Islamabad.

“The Balochistan Assembly session would be held on October 20 at 4 pm,” read the official notification, adding that the no-trust motion would be tabled in the house.

The no-trust motion, which was signed by 14 members of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), BNP-Awami, and one PTI member was handed to the assembly secretary on October 11.

The disgruntled parliamentarians asked Jam Kamal to step down from the office of the chief executive of the province to avoid the no-trust motion.

However, Kamal had rejected the demand of the members. “I will not resign from the CM office,” he had said in a press conference, claiming that he was enjoying the support of the majority of the BAP and allied parties’ lawmakers.

However, the disgruntled group, which has the support of 15 MPAs, claims that they have the support of more than the required members for the success of a no-trust motion in the house of 65.

Kamal, who is also the BAP president, on Saturday issued a statement in reaction to the party’s statement of October 11. He directed BAP General Secretary Manzoor Kakar to cancel the appointment of Zahoor Buledi as caretaker president of the party.

“The letters you have issued regarding the acting president and BAP spokesman are illegal,” read the letter. “You are directed to respect the constitution, by cancelling the said the letters,” it read.

JAN JAMALI: Meanwhile, the ruling party’s Central Organiser Jan Muhammad Jamali termed the outrage among the BAP parliamentary group as a “matter of grave concern”.

In a statement, he urged the parliamentary group to resolve their differences not only through mutual consultation but also by unanimously electing their parliamentary leader to save the party from “chaos and external strife.”

This statement was issued after a joint meeting of the central and divisional officials presided over by BAP chief organiser Mir Jan Jamali. Central Secretary General Manzoor Khan Kakar and Central Organising Secretary Malik Khudabakhsh Langau were in attendance.

The participants of the meeting unanimously endorsed the nomination of Acting President Mir Zahoor Buledi to Secretary-General Manzoor Khan Kakar as a “timely and correct decision” in accordance with the party constitution and to “save the party from the crisis”.

The party will propose to convene a meeting of the general council as soon as possible, it read.

The participants of the meeting unanimously condemned the statement made by Senator Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar on social media against the party founder Saeed Ahmed Hashmi.

Participants demanded from Zahoor Baledi, Secretary-General Manzoor Kakar that disciplinary action should be taken against the members and officials violating the party and to spread chaos in the party and harm the unity of the party.


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