Famous actress Ayeza Khan is under fire after her brother Ahad’s ex fiancee Aruba Tariq accused her and her family for being cheats and liars.

The controversy came to limelight when Aruba described the incident in detail on her Facebook account.

Aruba, in her post, said that she and Ayeza’s brother Ahad and I liked each other and later Ahad proposed her. Arrangements for their wedding were at their peak but then the happy event was called off because Ahad is a cheat and his family is a liar, she wrote.

She also disclosed that Ayeza’s brother was not even a graduate but his family told her elders that he was a well-educated guy and doing a decent job. Whereas, according to Aruba, he was solely dependent financially on Ayeza Khan.

Aruba accused Ayeza of being a terrible mother and said she hates her in-laws.

Her revelations didn’t end here.

She wrote that Ayeza was in control of everything, even her wedding arrangements. Her family can’t even breath without her permission, Aruba continued.

In her Facebook post, Aruba said that Ayeza’s husband Danish Taimoor is genuinely a good person and follows his routine. He has nothing to do with this matter.


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