Sindh Transport Minister Awais Qadir Shah has criticised the government for haphazardly launching the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project on Monday.

Minister Awais said in a statement issued on Tuesday that the officials have not studied the project and launched it without a feasibility report.

He claimed that KCR is a huge project. It would take more than two years to complete flyovers and underpasses along the track, he added.

Awais said neither the project has been approved by any department nor has a consultant been hired as yet.

He said the current infrastructure is not for the KCR and the PTI government is simply defrauding the people of Karachi.

“These structures will not work when the new KCR is created.”

Awais claimed that Rs20 billion would be wasted in KCR name. The mega project has not been approved by any relevant forum, including the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), then what is the groundbreaking for.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had laid the foundation stone of KCR on Monday and said in his address that the federation and Sindh would have to work together for the sake of the country and the province.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Railways officials have said that the KCR is not a new project, it is the same project that was made by former minister Saad Rafique.


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