At least 25 seats for PML-Q as a cost of dissolving Punjab Assembly?

As PTI’s promise of dissolving the provincial assemblies is getting late, reports have again emerged that PML-Q has demanded seat adjustment in at least 25 constituencies with the PTI, media reports suggested.

Sources claim that the demand is a prerequisite for the Punjab Assembly’s dissolution as only the chief minister – Chaudhry Parvez Elahi in this case – enjoys the powers to do so.

Imran had stated earlier that he would give a date of dissolving the provincial assemblies in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Dec 17. However, Parvez Elahi can upset or at least further delay the plans by making more and more demands in exchange of his cooperation.

It is claimed that the development came as PML-Q delegation led by Chaudhry Moonis Elahi visited PTI Chairman Imran Khan at his Lahore residence as negotiations are under way on the controversial subject.

It is reported that the PML-Q wants to finalise seat adjustment before the dissolution of Punjab Assembly and is looking for a minimum of 25 seats in the provincial legislature in the next elections.

Recently, the Punjab chief minister has granted the status of division to Gujrat as well as upgrading some tehsils to districts for political mileage.

Moreover, the PML-Q leadership is eyeing Wazirabad and parts of southern Punjab apart from Gujrat to field the party candidates.

These reports about seat adjustment demand came as the PML-N is mocking Imran for dragging the dissolution of assemblies, terming the political noise made by him as attempt to get NRO.  

On the other hand, Parvez Elahi reiterated his pledge to stand with Imran through thick and thin, adding that he owed the chief minister’s post to the PTI chief, as President Arif Alvi visited him at the CM Office in Lahore on Thursday.

The two sides discussed matters of mutual interest as well as the politico-economic situation of the province.

Parvez Elahi said “The imposed, incompetent cabal is only interested in saving its politics,” and added that saving the state was most important at the moment and everyone would have to think about the country.

Alvi, on the occasion, said, “We will have to think only of Pakistan as a Pakistani. Nothing is final in politics; decisions have to be made under difficult circumstances.”

He asserted that Pakistan demands unity and political tolerance in the current situation. “We are trying to resolve the issues amicably and it’s hoped that Allah Almighty will guide Pakistan to a better path,” the president added.


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