The coalition government is expected to face friendly opposition in the National Assembly’s budget session on June 6 in the absence of the main opposition party, the PTI.

President Arif Alvi summoned the session for debate on the budget for the coming fiscal year, at 4 pm on Monday under Section 54(1) of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Earlier, the federal government had announced the schedule for the submission of the federal budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2022-23.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is likely to unveil the government’s economic vision to steer the country out of an economic crisis during the session.

Meanwhile, the government is expected to take tough economic decisions in the upcoming budget for the revival of economy.

Parliamentary observers believe that it would be an easy task for the government to get budget approval from the National Assembly.

According to the previous schedule, the annual budget for FY23, along with the Finance Bill 2022, was supposed to be presented in the National Assembly on Jun 10.

“Prime Minister [Shehbaz Sharif] has been pleased to approve the schedule of submission of the budget for FY2022-23, in the National Assembly and its transmission to the Senate of Pakistan,” the notification issued by the Finance Division read.

The Finance Division accordingly requested that a special budget meeting of the Federal Cabinet may be convened for the consideration of the budgetary proposals.

“The venue and time for the special budget meeting of the Cabinet may also be communicated,” the notification read.


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