Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the government and its allies will decide whether the PTI long march should be allowed to enter Islamabad.

“If the coalition goes for action, we will not allow protesters to even come out of their homes,” he told media while speaking on the issue in Bahawalpur on Sunday.

When told (in a TV talk in the evening) that the PTI leadership had promised to remain peaceful, Sanaullah said he did not trust Imran Khan since he had a history of “lying and taking U-turns”.

“Keeping in view the past record of the PTI and its workers, my apprehensions are that they will come to Islamabad with the intent to cause anarchy.”

The minister said personally he wanted to detain Imran Khan for three days in the same cell where he was imprisoned for months in a cooked-up drug smuggling case. “Three days behind bars will wipe politics out of him.”

About Shireen Mazari’s arrest, Rana Sanaullah said there was no involvement of the government or anyone else in her arrest.

The minister questioned the effectiveness of the cybercrime law and suggested that the government, opposition and media decide the matter in a way that it did not gag freedom of speech and also prevented misuse of the law.

The minister visited Bahawalpur to see arrangements for the May 28 PML-N rally in connection with Yaum-i-Takbir. He said the party would make the rally a memorable event in Bahawalpur.

PPP’S NAYYAR BOKHARI: Accusing Imran Khan’s government of burdening people with unprecedented price hike, PPP secretary general Nayyar Bokhari said people would fail the PTI’s long march.

In a statement, he said Imran Khan’s politics would not go ahead on the pretext of seeking support from the families of police, bureaucrats and military officers.

“Imran has turned hundreds of thousands of people jobless and now he will have to face their wrath,” he said.

Bokhari said holding a public meeting was a legal right of every citizen but the government will not allow the PTI protesters to take the law in their hands and will be dealt with iron hands if they became violent.


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