Malik Adnan on Wednesday dedicated the awards given to him by Prime Minister Imran Khan to Priyantha Kumara and the people of Sri Lanka.

Adnan showed extraordinary courage to save Kumara during a mob attack at a factory in Sialkot last Friday.

He thanked Prime Minister Imran for awarding him a commendation certificate and Tamgha-e-Shujaat.

“My passion that day was to somehow save the Sri Lankan citizen. I wanted no such incident to happen that would tarnish the name of the country,” Adnan wrote on Twitter.

He told official news agency that in a situation like the one he found himself in, one should always stand with the oppressed.

“Today, I am very proud and my message to the nation is that whenever you encounter such a situation, always stand with the oppressed,” he said, adding that he was thankful to everybody for the way the nation stood with him after the Sialkot incident.

He said his parents and teachers always advised him to stand with the oppressed even at the cost of one’s life.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that the one who saved a human, saved all of humanity, he added.

He said Priyantha Kumara was a good human being, friend, and the best manager and people trained by him were working at high posts in different companies of the country.

Media, teachers and conscious citizens should guide people so that such incidents were not repeated in future, he added.


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