After surprising fans with a rendition of Neray Neray Vas in Coke Studio 14, Soch the Band is back with a heartbreak song you can practically dance to.

Titled Mera Naam, the track’s music video released on Saturday, and it is picturized on none other than Hira Mani, alongside YouTuber Rahim Pardesi and model Aimal Khan.

Directed by Adnan Kandhar, the video revolves around the consequence of taking healthy relationships for granted in the process of chasing material gains. The track is a Punjabi banger with a drop to die for.

The music video takes off with Mani turning down Pardesi’s proposal because of his inability to “afford” her. She is then seen with another man, Khan, at a party that also witnesses Soch the Band performing Mera Naam live.

Pardesi, Mani’s past love interest, happens to be working at the event. And taken aback by his presence, she manages to drop a drink on her dress and rushes to the restroom. The following scene sees her new beau shaming her for her clumsiness instead of helping her clean up. We then see him ditching Mani on the dance floor to shake a leg with other women, and upon finally taking her in his embrace, he unties her hair and spoils her makeup before grabbing another girl.

Their relationship is evidently one-sided and while Mani is dressed to the nines, with her now partner capable of affording her lifestyle, he clearly cannot offer her the luxury of loyalty. She is then seen sitting by herself on a staircase looking devastated, as Pardesi walks up to her to make things worse. He lets her know that he had always imagined dying without her and her, thriving without him, but neither happened. He, too, then drives away with his new partner.

Mera Naam is slowly garnering listenership in both Pakistan and India with many from across the border commenting on its powerful execution in the YouTube comment section. Composed and produced by the band, the song has crossed 36,000 views on YouTube.


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