Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that the entire institutions were not corrupt but some elements in them indulge in ‘bad practices.’

“If one person makes a mistake, this does not mean that the whole institution is at fault,” he said while addressing the party workers and supporters live on social media on Wednesday night.

Replying to a question regarding the role of state institutions in the upcoming elections, the deposed premier said “there are also humans [in institutions]… if one or two individuals do something wrong, the entire institution is not responsible for their act,” he added.

Talking about the chief election commissioner, he said that all his judgements were “anti-PTI”.

“The day [foreign funding] cases of all three parties are heard simultaneously, it will be clear that only PTI has a proper system of funding,” he added.

Imran said that if former prime minister Nawaz Sharif comes back and gets another ‘NRO’, he will not accept it and bring people out on streets.

“It will discredit judicial system as no one would believe in it… everyone will say the wealthy can get away with anything in Pakistan,” he added.

He said that in third world countries, they only catch small thieves and not the big ones but in the civilized world, there is no such thing. “You cannot imagine prime ministers making factories there… rule of law is the biggest issue in Pakistan,” he added.

Imran said that there are big mafias in Pakistan and his government was bringing them under the rule of law.

About dissenting PTI members, Imran said that they thought when PTI would come into power, the government will make their businesses grow [in a wrongful way] but we did not.

“That’s why we faced issues because we stopped them. If sugar prices suddenly increased by Rs26 per kilo then we tried to stop it … these people have exposed themselves,” he added.

Imran said that if the country’s youth accept the “foreign conspiracy” then in future the whole generation would be seeking visa of rich countries. “If corrupt people come into power like this then there is no future,” he added.

To a question about memes on social media, the former prime minister said that he doesn’t watch television anymore nor does he get time to read newspaper but he sees things on social media these days.

ARMY: Imran urged his followers not to say anything bad about the armed forces of Pakistan. “If there was no army, there will be no Pakistan… Pakistan needed army more than Imran Khan,” he added.

He said that the enemies of Pakistan are attacking the army and during their tenures Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari tried to undermine the army. “When Nawaz was abroad, he attacked the COAS and the army and everyone knows this,” he added.

He further said that if there was no army, there would be three pieces of Pakistan by now.

In the next elections, he said he himself will lead the party’s campaign in interior Sindh. “Independence is more needed in the province than the rest of Pakistan.”

“As long as the rule of law is not applied to the powerful, Pakistan will never prosper.”

He said that Maryam, Hamza and Bilawal have no credentials as they cannot connect with people. These are privileged people and their parties are shrinking… PTI is the only federal party of Pakistan… they cannot compete with us [in the upcoming election], he added.

“Political dynasties are the negation of democracy. Their (PDM) children; be it Maryam, Hamza or Bilawal have never worked a day in their lives. They are accustomed to living like royalty.”

THREAT: To a question about security threats to PTI’s Lahore rally on April 21, Imran said that he will definitely come to the rally. “It is a special place because Pakistan resolution was tabled there … Indian Muslims had decided that they wanted separate land … we’re also launching our campaign there … I believe we will have record number of people there.”

Imran said under his rule, Pakistan had record numbers of dollar inflow, adding that in future his government will try never to go to IMF.

He said that national curriculum was an important initiative and so was Rehmatul lil Allameen Authority. “Whatever they do they will not be able to remain in power for long and we will expand our initiatives once we’re back in power.”

He said that he did not expect such huge crowds would come out in his support after his government was ousted earlier this month. “I had expected just five per cent of what actually came out. When I saw people, I was so happy because I saw a nation emerging … for the first time I saw where we should have been 75 years ago,” he added.

About protests held abroad in favour of PTI, he said that the protest demonstrations were unprecedented. “They (the protests) prove that people do not accept the conspiracy,” he added.

To a question about his possible disqualification in the foreign funding case, he said that there was nothing in foreign funding case and the ECP cannot disqualify anyone.

He said that in the next elections, he will personally distribute party tickets. “I will personally scrutinise each candidate… we will never make the same mistakes again.”

He said that many electable remained with PTI but many betrayed the party.

PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM: To a question about presidential form of government, Imran said that the current parliamentary system in Pakistan is very difficult to manage. “If moral evolutions are high then parliamentary system works … except for some Anglo-Saxon countries this system doesn’t exist anywhere because people do not have that high moral standing,” he added.

He said that the current parliamentary system will only work if a party comes with a clear majority but if it is dependent on others, it will be blackmailed and will find it very difficult to bring ‘change’.

Imran said that he has never seen such sentiments of nationalism in people what he has seen after his government was removed.

“This will make Pakistan a nation… I urge everyone to come to Minar-e-Pakistan. We will create history at a historical place.”

Earlier, PTI’s official social media team was instructed to make preparations for the party chairman’s address.

The party leaders also held an important meeting of the political committee in which overall political situation was discussed. The participants were briefed on the preparations for the upcoming public rally to be held on April 21 at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore.

Special instructions were given to officials to reach the venue on time with their caravans.

On the occasion, ex-PM Imran said the country had no choice but to give the people a chance for their future through transparent elections.

“People protect the sovereignty and democracy of a country,” he said. “If change of government is accepted through conspiracy, no future head of government will dare to face external pressure.”

Imran maintained that the whole nation is united and mobilised for its freedom and sovereignty.

The PTI chief will announce a future strategy on the historic site of Minar-e-Pakistan.


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