Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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A look back on ASEAN and Sino-US Rivalry in the Cold War

By Wen-Qing NgoeiIn discussions of the current Sino-US rivalry, talk of China eclipsing America as the world’s foremost power is popular. Analysts seeking signs of US decline can certainly muster suitable evidence with which to argue this case. Indeed, the expectations of many observers that China’s economy must ultimately overtake America’s have been met with new projections that that moment will arrive within this decade. Furthermore, I have pointed out that it must have been easy to perceive US weakness and desperation in recent years when the Trump administration intermittently made naval and rhetorical challenges to Beijing’s militarization of the South China...

Pakistan Navy Achieving New Milestones

By: Mahanoor Waqar Pakistan Navy is achieving new milestones while taking many steps to ensure and enhance its capabilities. Recently conducted AMAN exercise 2021 was a clear example of the Pakistan Navy's efforts to ensure peace and stability in the region. Pakistan Navy is working on many areas of strategic significance like CPEC, maritime security, missile technologies, and most importantly, efforts in the submarine sector, which is imperative in today’s world. Currently, PNS (Pakistan Navy Ship) NASR is on a humanitarian and disaster relief mission in drought-affected African countries in line with the policy of the government: “Engage Africa”. Pakistan...


The Aurat March persists because it is driven by love

Now in its fourth iteration, the Aurat March continues to evoke myriad strong reactions before and after its commencement each year. This time, the top trend on Twitter the night leading to the March hurled unfounded allegations of 'foreign funding' at it. This was borne of the popular belief in the country that women coming out in hordes to make preposterous demands—such as for human rights—are surely working at the behest of some unnamed, foreign entity seeking to dismantle the cultural and religious values of Pakistan. Regardless of the noise, those looking to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8...

Why Women March?

By Huma Quraishi I am glad to see the huge number of posts about Aurat March. It is great to see that men from all schools of thought are engaging in a serious dialogue about the issues and concerns of the other 50% population of their country, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a patriarchal society. Men from the extreme right are now praising the accomplishments of their womenfolk and acknowledging the place of women in the armed forces, police, security forces, and other totally male-dominated fields. The immense change I noticed on social media is of many...


The Rise of Islamophobia in Poland

By Tuhin Chakraborty A 2017 Pew Research Center study found only around 10,000 Muslims living in Poland in 2016, and less than 10,000 had applied for asylum as refugees from the Middle East. As of October 2019, Muslims made up less than 0.1% of the Polish population. However, despite Muslims comprising an infinitesimal proportion of Poland’s population and immigration, the government has been outspoken in stoking Islamophobia. According to Polish MEP Dominic Tarczynski, who spoke to Aljazeera on this matter , there is a fear among Polish people that Poland could be “taken over by Muslims” in the near future. By labeling Muslims a...

AMAN-21: The message resonates

By Muhammad Azam Khan “From now onwards, Pakistan will only partner with another country in peace; we will not become part of any other conflict, we will not join any other country in its conflict,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan at the World Economic Forum, 2020 With its tag line, “together for peace” resonating powerfully in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean region and beyond, the country's multinational mega biennial exercise, AMAN-21, by the Pakistan Navy concluded on February 16, 2021. A grand international fleet review was held in the North Arabian Sea on the culminating day. Dozens of warships...


In the Shadow of Sanctions? US–India Relations and the S-400 Purchase

By Aniruddha Saha In October 2018, and in spite of warnings from the US of the imposition of sanctions, India made a USD 5 billion deal with Moscow to purchase 5 units of the Russian-made indigenous Triumph S-400 air defence system. Russia confirmed that India had made the first tranche of payment of USD 800 million in November 2019 with the aim of delivering the first batch of S-400 air defence systems by the end of 2021. Following the June 2020 clashes between the Chinese and Indian forces on the Line of Actual Control, India had requested Russia to expedite the delivery of the first batch of S-400 defence systems....

AMAN 2021 – Standing together for peace

Hadiya Siddiqui Advocating peace, Pakistan Navy has had the privilege of conceiving and hosting the AMAN series of exercise ever since 2007. The endeavor, which has played a critical role in boosting the morale of Pakistan Navy, encompasses multinational exercise with friendly regional and extra regional naval forces. The goal is to strengthen ties, enhance compatibility and mutual understanding amongst navies to ensure efficient maritime security in the Indian Ocean. Pakistan Navy, interacting with all the participating navies through joint bilateral and multilateral exercises, has proudly been able to claim the growing stature of the exercise and the largest participation of...


No one knew, in October 2008, why then-President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari awarded the Hilal-e-Pakistan (Crescent of Pakistan) to then-US Vice President Joe Biden. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government announced that Biden and Republican Senator Richard Lugar would be recognised for their services to Pakistan. But what services? Just a few months after the announcement of the honour, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani spilled the beans on the issue. He told the media on January 5, 2009 that the then-Vice President Joe Biden had “played a key role in forcing General Pervez Musharraf in restoring democracy.” Prime Minister Gillani...


By Professor Li Haidong On January 20, President-elect Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States amid tight security by the National Guard. Over the past four years, red flags lit up across various fields in the U.S., from epidemic control, economy, to racial issues and diplomacy. The scene of Trump supporters attacking Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 highlighted the continued deep divide in U.S. politics, and more thoroughly revealed the reality of a torn U.S. society. The U.S. society has lost its values. With differing self and national identities, it is difficult to form a...


Israel-Palestine Policy Under Biden

By Cindy May Joe Biden’s election has generated optimism that the United States will meaningfully reengage in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. President-elect Biden will undoubtedly take a more equitable and multilateral approach to the conflict than his predecessor, but his tenure is unlikely to usher in a significant change in the US policy. As a longtime ally to Israel who has spent more than forty years as a Democratic senator and vice president, his views on the conflict firmly reflect those of his party’s mainstream. We can thus expect Biden’s approach to Israel and Palestine to be a return to...

Aman-7 — A feather in Pakistan Navy’s cap

Sultan M HaliWhile the world struggles to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibility of defense can neither be relegated nor postponed because existential threats do not diminish with natural calamities. If lessons can be learnt from the history of statecraft and warfare, nations at a lower ebb of vulnerability can invite aggression from vested interests. Like the other arms of Service, Pakistan Navy (PN) too not only maintains constant vigil but also keeps its powder dry to meet any challenge head on. Organising and participating in military exercises remains a time-tested method of honing the skills...


The new age of autocrats

From Putin to Trump: why political strongmen keep winning. BY John Connelly Anne Applebaum’s reflections on the anti-democratic pandemic sweeping our world offer an extraordinary mix of personal witness and dispassionate historical analysis. A respected conservative author, Applebaum used to enjoy long dinner parties with some of our age’s most gifted right-leaning intellectuals, from Washington to Warsaw; now many of them serve illiberal strongmen and she cringes when she catches sight of them, elated when they cross the street first. But Applebaum also endeavours to figure out what drove these smart people to serve leaders who crush the freedoms that should...

The Coup Began Years Ago

Republican lawmakers have shown their supporters that there is no line they cannot cross. By Mark Joseph Stern In the wake of the 2016 election, the North Carolina GOP faced a problem: Republican Gov. Pat McCrory lost reelection, even as Donald Trump handily carried the state. McCrory’s loss to Democrat Roy Cooper threatened the party’s aggressive efforts to entrench permanent control over the state. So Republicans launched a campaign to overturn the election by raising false claims of mass voter fraud, then asked the GOP-dominated legislature to install McCrory for a second term. After Cooper’s margin of victory proved too big...