Will it affect world economy? Countries wary of Covid resurgence in China
China is witnessing an alarming rise in the coronavirus cases after the country decided to relax the zero-Covid policy in the country

With the world economy feeling the heat after a tumultuous 2022, more uncertain times are seemingly ahead with some countries opting for imposing conditions on travellers arriving from China, as no one is ready for more lockdowns amid alarming inflation and the prevailing energy crisis.

The news comes as reports suggest that spending by US consumers is on a decline. The reason is simple: after reaching an all-time high during the pandemic, the household savings rate in the US now sits at 2.4 percent, the lowest level since 2005 and the second-lowest rate going back more than 60 years.

China is witnessing an alarming rise in the coronavirus cases as the country decided to relax the zero-Covid policy in the country, which Beijing had been following since the outbreak, after witnessing social unrest – a phenomenon not familiar to the authoritarian state.   

That’s why health experts have warned that an explosion of Covid-19 cases in China could create a “potential breeding ground” for new variants to emerge.

Earlier this week, Beijing had announced that the incoming travellers would no longer have to quarantine from January 8.

Officials in several cities estimate that hundreds of thousands of people have been infected in recent weeks. Hospitals and crematoriums have been overwhelmed across the country.

With the virus now able to circulate among nearly one-fifth of the world’s population — almost all of whom lack immunity from previous infection and many of whom remain unvaccinated — other nations and experts fear China will become fertile ground for new variants.

Details of the new requirements and the reaction by different countries for the people arriving from China is given below.


Beginning Friday, all travelers from mainland China will need to test for Covid-19 upon arrival in Japan, according to the health ministry.

Those who test positive will need to quarantine at a designated facility, the ministry said. Multiple media reports said the isolation period was seven days.

The new rules also apply to people who visited mainland China within the seven days prior to arrival in Japan, the health ministry said. But travelers from Hong Kong or Macao are exempt.

United States

Starting Jan 5, all airline passengers two years and older originating from mainland China, Hong Kong or Macao will be required upon departure to the US to show a negative Covid-19 test result from within the last two days. The rules apply to people of all nationalities and vaccination status.

Testing has decreased across China and it is unclear what variants are circulating on the mainland because genomic surveillance data is also limited, a federal health official told reporters.


For the month of January, all travelers from mainland China via direct flight or boat will need to test for Covid-19 upon arrival in Taiwan. Those who test positive can quarantine at home but the rules do not apply to flights from Hong Kong or Macao.


All travelers coming from China to Italy will need to get tested for Covid-19, even if just transiting, the European country’s health minister said Wednesday.

The minister said the country would also conduct virus sequencing, but did not say what would happen to travelers who tested positive.

Health authorities in regions near Milan and Rome said travelers who tested positive would have to quarantine in designated buildings, Reuters reported.


Australia is not adding restrictions to visitors from China, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Thursday, according to an official transcript of his interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Albanese said Australia would monitor circumstances in China and other countries, as well as take “appropriate advice” from health experts. “Our priority is to keep Australians as safe as possible,” he said.


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