When omelette is a luxury: Up to Rs30 hike in per person breakfast cost

Egg weren’t considered a luxury even for many among the low-income groups not so long ago but the things have changed rapidly for the worse thanks to inflation, as the per person cost of a regular breakfast for an ordinary family has now increased by up to Rs30 during the last year.

With the average family size just over six in Pakistan, this increase translates into daily expenditure rise of Rs180 and a monthly enhanced cost Rs5,400 – in case you can still afford to do so.

But it is just a mathematical proposition. The alarming rise in inflation means the poor households are sending their small children to schools without a proper breakfast – containing eggs and bread. The substitute they are having is anybody’s guess.

Add a glass of milk for a little school-going kid to this equation or calculation and you will find that the things may have already reached the worst for many among the low-income groups.

How to calculate this expense? Well! Just start with adding a little bit ghee or cooking oil in the pan, beat an egg and throw some onions, tomatoes as well as coriander and green chilies – the traditional ingredients of omelette in our country. And now repeat this five times if you have a family of six.

With the onions available for Rs240 per kg, tomatoes for Rs80 per kg, eggs for Rs280 per dozen and ghee/ cooking oil price ranging from Rs440 to Rs540 per kg/ per litre, this calculation won’t be difficult to understand for you.

Please also don’t forget that the good old days of having free green chilies and coriander from your favourite vegetable seller are over.  

But wait. We have forgotten about the tea and milk prices. Surely you don’t start your day without a cup of tea.

Meanwhile, we not talking about things like jam, marmalade, chicken spread or butter that are essential parts of daily routine for the affluent. It is just an average breakfast for most households in Pakistan.  


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