Weekly inflation reaches over 31% year-on-year after surge in food prices

Weekly inflation recorded a 31.75 percent jump for the combined income group on a year-on-year basis as a result of a surge in the prices of both food and nonfood items, says the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

According to the latest data released by the PBS, the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) for the week ending Jan 12 was slightly up 0.44 percent mainly because of increase in the prices of food items – wheat flour and vegetables like onions – over the past few weeks.

The 20kg wheat flour bag in Karachi touched the highest rate of Rs2,900, followed by Rs2,760 in Quetta, Rs2,900 in Peshawar and Rs1,295 in Lahore. The flour prices in Punjab are lower than in other provinces, except Islamabad where it’s sold for around Rs1,295 per 20kg.

Onion prices in Islamabad stood at Rs280 per kg followed by Rs240 each in Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi.

The prices of tomatoes and potatoes slightly declined over the past couple of weeks owing to arrival of new crops.

On a year-on-year basis, the items whose prices jumped included onions (437.21 percent), chicken (80.51 percent), tea Lipton (65.41 percent), eggs (61.63 percent), diesel (60.63 percent), wheat flour (56.11 percent), pulse moong (52.97 percent), rice basmati broken (51.05 percent), salt powdered (49.50 percent), petrol (48.21 percent), rice Irri-6/9 (46.78 percent) and pulse gram (45.80 percent).

On the other hand, a major week-on-week increase was observed in the prices of wheat flour (6.75 percent), bread (4.85 percent), garlic (4.51 percent), eggs (4.17 percent), pulse moong (4.11 percent), rice basmati broken (3.33 percent), rice Irri-6/9 (2.63 percent), onions (2.44 percent), pulse gram (2.39 percent), pulse mash (1.69 percent), pulse masoor (1.65 percent), mustard oil (1.56 percent), LPG (5.24 percent) and washing soap (1.89 percent).


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