Power generation increased by 13.4 percent YoY to 8,482 GWh (Gigawatt hours) during Nov 2021 compared to 7,479 GWh in Nov 2020, backed by the higher generation from hydel, nuclear, and coal, monthly power production data released by the National Electric Power Authority (NEPRA) said on Monday.

Cumulatively, during 5MFY22, power generation witnessed an upsurge of 9 percent YoY to 65,568 GWh against 60,167 GWh recorded in the corresponding period last calendar year.

During the month of Nov 2021 alone, nuclear, coal, gas, FO, and solar, based power generation went up by 2.2%, 26%, 2.5x, 5.2x, and 7.7% YoY, respectively. However, hydel, Re-gasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG), wind, and bagasse-based generation declined by 5.8%, 36.8%, 5.3%, and 9.4% YoY, respectively.

Source wise, the share of hydel in power generation was the largest in Nov’21, as it accounted for 33.2% (2,816.49 GWh) of total electricity with a zero-fuel cost.

This was followed by Nuclear as around 17.5% (1,485 GWh) of electricity was generated through nuclear power plants with a per-unit cost of Rs1.02.

With a share of 16.26%, power generation from coal-fired power plants was 1,379 GWh at a rate of Rs13.14/KWh, whereas, RLNG contributed 14.25% (1,208.7 GWh) of electricity at a price of Rs17.28/KWh.

Meanwhile, generation from gas-based powerplants was 1,093.16 GWh (12.89% of total generation) at a fuel cost of Rs7.86/ KWh.

Wind-based energy contributed about 2.07% or 175.19 GWh of electricity at zero cost, while 1.71% or 145.4 GWh contribution came from FO at a cost of Rs20.271/KWh. The bagasse and solar-based energy contributed about 0.64% (54.36 GWh) and 0.6% (50.62 GWh) of the electricity respectively during the month at a fuel cost of Rs5.9789/KWh and Rs0/KWh respectively.

The electricity imported from Iran was 0.43% (36.69 GWh) at the price of Rs13.1753/KWh.

The remaining 0.29% (24.99 GWh) of electricity was generated by HSD at a most expensive fuel cost of Rs27.2054per unit. While 0.1% or 11.84 GWh contribution came from Mixed energy sources at a cost of Rs4.4607/KWh.

In the backdrop of rising RLNG, coal, FO and gas-based cost of generation, the fuel cost of the power distribution companies increased by 84.8% YoY to Rs6.32/KWh during the said month. Cumulatively, power generation cost during 5MFY22 jumped by 72% YoY to Rs6.99/KWh.

The story was filed by the News Desk. The Desk can be reached at info@thecorrespondent.com.pk.


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