Pakistan rupee 5 paisa down against US dollar, up against pound and euro

With a latest loss of five paisa against the US dollar, the Pakistan rupee closed at Rs224.16 in interbank trading on Wednesday as political and economic uncertainty continues to grip the country.

The local currency, which was available for Rs224.11 against greenback on the previous day, traded in a band of 10 paisa.

But in open market, the US dollar was traded at a rate of Rs228.75 to Rs231 – a range similar to Tuesday’s.

During the current financial year (FYTD), the rupee has so far lost Rs19.31 or 8.62 percent in value against the US dollar while the loss stands at Rs47.64 or 21.25 percent since January 1 (CYTD).

On the other hand, the rupee strengthened against the pound sterling and the euro in interbank rate like it did on Tuesday.

As a result, one pound was traded for Rs272.04 against Tuesday’s value of Rs273.52. Similarly, the rupee was up by 61 paisa against euro which closed at Rs234.53 against previous day’s level of Rs235.13.


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