Musk poses as champion of free speech, but many reply you are not

As Elon Musk yet again declared himself as a champion of free speech, people have reminded him that he is not while pointing out his soft approach towards the far-right elements.

The Tesla and now Twitter owner as well loves being in news. He said on Tuesday that a battle was in progress for the future of civilization – in an attempt to defend his policies and approach.

“If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead,” said Musk who unbanned former President Donald Trump as well as many of those suspended for hate speech.

In an earlier tweet, Musk said the Twitter Files on free speech suppression would soon to be published on Twitter itself. “The public deserves to know what really happened,” he added.

However, some people questioned his argument. “So if a bakery refuses to do business with a gay couple, that’s free speech, but if a large consumer brand refuses to do business with a social media platform, that’s censorship? Got it.”

Another person pointed noted that “a battle for the future of civilization” was definitely a weird way to describe the loss of advertising revenue because of mismanagement.

He also mentioned that the advertisers didn’t want their products alongside the newly-verified neo Nazis on Twitter.

The latest had tirade started when Musk said that Apple had mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. “Do they hate free speech in America?”

In a separate tweet, he said, “Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why”.  

In recent weeks, half of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers have announced they are suspending or have otherwise “seemingly stopped advertising on Twitter,” an analysis conducted by nonprofit watchdog group Media Matters found.


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