KARACHI: After Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, MG Motors and Changan Pakistan, the KIA Lucky Motors also announced on Wednesday that its customers are facing late car deliveries in Pakistan owing to the disruption in global supply chain.

The company posted a statement social media to let the customers know why the delivery of their booked KIA cars is delayed. “It’s the same old deal about the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the global supply chain operations,” it said.

“We know that this has caused inconvenience and we want to sincerely apologise. Our team is working tirelessly and taking all possible countermeasures to mitigate disruptions to ensure deliveries to our valued customers,” the company said.

It claimed that the situation of global supply chain would improve in a couple of months.

Meanwhile, the company talked about compensating the customers for the late delivery of their KIA vehicles. However, what that compensation might be? There’s no explanation in the notice.

According to the company, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has hit various industries around the globe. The auto industry is one of the “brutally” affected industries. Global semiconductor chip crises, shortage of tyres, hike in the cost of containers and auto parts, and similar troubles have crippled the auto industry.

The company said that many international companies, including Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, Honda, and Ford, have halted and cut down their production lines. Pakistani car manufacturers are facing the same fate.

The company appreciates the customers for their “patience” and are doing the best it can to beat these challenges. They need the customers’ support to come out stronger and resilient.

The things are getting better for the automotive industry and the local auto manufacturers, the company said.


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