It’s unbearable: Weekly inflation up 29% when compared with last year

As reduced purchasing power and lack of economic opportunities continue hurting the people, the week ending December 22 saw an increase of 28.76 percent in inflation on year-on-year basis, says Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The Sensitive Price Index (SPI), used to measure weekly figures, presented this massive surge for the combined income group amid the unprecedented increase in the prices of both food and non-food items.

According to the latest data, the SPI, however, was down slightly by 0.11 percent when compared with the previous week after a slight reduction in the prices of petroleum products and some vegetables.

The items, whose prices have jumped in comparison with the same week last year, onions 482.30 percent, chicken 67.42 percent, tea Lipton 65.41 percent, diesel 65.05 percent, petrol 52.19 percent, salt powdered 51.99 percent, bananas 47.95 percent, pulse moong 47.13 percent, eggs 47.07 percent, pulse gram 45.24 percent and mustard oil 40.97 percent.

A look on the situation when compared with the previous week shows that the meagre 0.11 reduction in inflation was made possible by 4.45 percent reduction in petrol price, in 3.20 percent in diesel and 0.23 in LPG.

Meanwhile, the average price of tomatoes in the market ranges between Rs80 to Rs120 per kg while that of onions and potatoes are in the range of around Rs230 per kg to Rs260 and Rs60 to Rs90 respectively.

In the food group, the items that saw the highest week-on-week increase in prices include chicken 9.86 percent, pulse masoor 2.00 percent, tea Lipton 1.72 percent, rice Irri-6/9 1.15 percent and wheat flour 1.12 percent.

On the other hand, major decrease is observed in the prices of tomatoes 23.85 percent, potatoes 10.53 percent, eggs 1.54 percent, sugar 1.04 percent, bananas 0.80 percent, vegetable ghee 1 Kg 0.53 percent, onions 0.39 percent, garlic 0.35 percent and vegetable ghee 2.5 Kg 0.22 percent.


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