Inflation for the week ending Jan 19 recorded at 32% year-on-year

Inflation for the week ending Jan 19 was recorded at 31.83 per cent for the combined income group on a year-on-year basis as there is no respite for consumers amid a complete failure on the part of provincial governments to check prices.

The latest figures come as the weekly inflation for the previous week ending Jan 12 was recorded a 31.75 percent for the combined income group on a year-on-year basis, showing a sustained trend.

However, there was no change in the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) on a week-on-week basis with the prices of items, especially vegetables, witnessing an increase, shows the latest data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Friday.

The SPI monitors the prices of 51 essential items based on a survey of 50 markets in 17 cities across the country. During the week under review, the prices of 23 out of 51 items increased, 11 decreased, and 17 remained stable.

On a year-on-year basis, the items whose prices jumped included onions 482.07 percent, chicken 101.93 percent, tea Lipton 65.41 percent, eggs 64.23 percent, diesel 57.34 percent, rice basmati broken 56.09percent, pulse moong 55.63 percent), rice Irri-6/9 50.28 percent, salt powdered 49.50 percent, bananas 47.73 percent and wheat flour 46.38percent.

A major increase on a week-on-week increase was observed in the prices of rice basmati broken 3.54 percent, onions 3.50 percent, chicken 3.21 percent, bananas 3.04 percent, rice Irri-6/9 2.43 percent, garlic 2.16 percent, bread 1.45 percent, cooked beef 1.26 percent, tea prepared 1.22 percent, cooked pulse 1.12percent, LPG 2.34 percent and washing soap 1.54 percent.

A decrease was observed in the prices of wheat flour 5.98percent, tomatoes 2.87 percent, potatoes 2.73percent, sugar 0.94 percent, vegetable ghee 1kg 0.50 percent, vegetable ghee 2.5kg 0.41percent, pulse masoor 0.38 percent, eggs 0.09percent, cooking oil 5-litre 0.07 percent, pulse gram 0.05percent and mustard oil 0.01percent.


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