KARACHI: In discussion with the Pakistan Plastic Manufacturers Association’s visiting delegation, Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said that the concept to utilize waste to generate energy might be introduced. He said that Chinese innovation in the introduction of waste recycling is growing fast. The president also revealed that Pakistan’s exports are limited only to a few products and that the country should also focus on non-traditional items.

The delegation of the Plastic Manufacturers Association under the chairmanship of Mr Estesham Uddin briefed the FPCCI. It said that the association is playing an active role to globalize the local plastics industry. The plastic industry has an overwhelming influence on the economic development of Pakistan. The sector has been adversely affected by the complex nature of FBR and SRB taxes due to double taxation. CNIC condition also affects the growth of the sector and creates hurdles in supplying in different Pakistan cities. 

The meeting concluded with a proposal to set-up a committee on Ease of Doing Business.  The meeting was attended by Mr Mohammad Athar Sultan Chawla Vice President FPCCI, Mr Zakaria Usman, former President FPCCI and Patron in-chief PPMA, Mr Rashid Aziz, Mr Asif Zindani, Mr Shoaib Munshi, MR. Shakil Ahmed, Mr Zafar Saeed, Mr Imran Ghani, Mr Zahid Ahmed and Mr Rashid Mahmood.


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