Industrialist Siraj Kassam Teli, chairman Businessmen Group, clarified his position in a video message, on audio clip controversy.

Earlier this month, the business community was rocked with a controversy initiated through an audio message; which claimed that the Pakistani business community will not make any further investments in Pakistan if leaders of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – an alliance of major opposition parties – were not handled sternly.

According to this message, Pakistan’s top businessman and industrialists meet every first Sunday of the month to discuss the nation’s overall situation. The audio clip claimed that this time around they had decided that they will not make further investment if action was not taken against Nawaz Sharif and Moulana Fazal-ur-Rehman. The voice in the clip apparently resembled Siraj Kassam Teli, Chairman of Businessman Group.

However, Siraj Kassam Teli, chairman Businessmen Group, clarified that the audio clip was released by a chartered accountant and the person has apologised to him personally. He urged everyone to be careful about releasing content without the name and credentials of its producer.

“An audio message that has been circulating was made by someone else, and I want to make it clear that neither his voice resembles me nor he has any link with me. He is a chartered accountant and talked rubbish about me but has realised his mistake and apologised for it as well. But I will again emphasise that I have nothing to do or any link with it.”

“To anyone who is behind this, whether they are from Karachi Chamber Of  Commerce or any political personality, I want to make it clear that My God is with me and I will keep on telling the truth even if it hurts them,” he added.

“I will keep on raising my voice for this city and its people till I have the mandate of the business community and I will keep on talking about the betterment of Karachi’s infrastructure and well being of its citizens.”


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