American Airlines canceled 1400 flights over the weekend owing to staff shortage and unfavorable weather.

According to data by FlightAware, a website tracking delayed and canceled flights in the US, American Airlines suffered from staff shortages because of disruptions caused by bad weather.

CEO at American Airlines David Seymour on Saturday released a memo to staff saying that the disruptions started on Thursday due to intense wind storms that had blocked capacity at the airline’s Dallas hub resulting in delays in staff positioning for the upcoming flights.

Seymour said that because of additional weather issues, staffing “begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences.”

He added that he hoped that operations will be restored “quickly with the start of a new month.”

The CEO further announced the return of 1,800 flight staff who have been on standby owing to the pandemic and the recruitment of an additional 600 by the end of December.

According to the airline, the majority of the travelers impacted by the cancellations were able to rebook for the same day. The airline operates 6,700 flights across the world on a daily basis. It provides services for 350 destinations in 50 countries.

American Airlines is one of the many other businesses that is faced with staff shortages as demand rises owing to vaccination rollout and the relaxing of the pandemic-induced restrictions.

Last week Southwest canceled over 2,000 flights which cost the company $75 million.

The issue arose on Friday afternoon owing to bad weather and temporary unavailability of air traffic controllers in one area of Florida, however, the situation deteriorated further by limited staffing levels and then snowballed over the next few days.

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