HT Aero on Sunday publicized a flying car which according to the makers can also be driven on roads. HT Aero is an affiliate of Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng.

The automaker said that they have plans for rollout in 2024. The car is currently unavailable for commercial use. HT Aero has said there is a possibility of making changes in the final design.

According to the company, HT Aero’s vehicle has a lightweight design as well as a rotor that folds away. The design will allow the car to be able to drive on roads while also being able to fly after expanding its rotors.

The vehicle is also designed to have safety features including parachutes according to the company.

HT Aero has the backing of Xpeng and its founder He Xiaopeng. Earlier last week, the company successfully raised $500 million from various outside investors including high-profile venture capital firms.

Flying cars which are also known as electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles have been receiving a lot of attention and interest from carmakers and start-ups.

It must be noted that these vehicles face multiple challenges before they are commercially available for use. One of the challenges is the need for proper regulation and safety issues.

HT Aero’s new land and air vehicle was introduced at Xpeng’s Tech Day. The company also revealed the latest version of its advanced driver assistance system called Xpilot 4.0.

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