After over a year of car dining, owing to Covid-SOP’s- I finally managed to have a dine-in experience with my friends recently. Since the occasion was going to mark- going back to the old-school dine-in experience, I wanted to make sure the place we chose was deserving of it. We decided to try out Dock27.

Artwork hung at Dock27, Courtesy Dock27 Facebook page

The restaurant is located adjacent to Blue Mall near MM Alam Road in Gulberg 3. They opened on January 25th of this year and have been receiving good reviews from most Lahoris. As much as I have enjoyed sipping on gurr-wali chai — jaggery mixed tea — perched on a rock outside trail 5 of Margalla Hills or comfortably lounging on a char pai at a Dhaba, I was looking forward to sitting in an air-conditioned, dimly-lit restaurant and enjoying interestingly decorated food after over a year of ordering in.

Dock27 lives up to its name with a beautiful dock-styled ambiance. The place is filled with art pieces hung on walls, corners with leather covered sofas, and lanterns to complement the whole vibe. The menu offers a wide variety of starters, seafood, continental food as well as Thai cuisine amongst others. We ordered their Aviator’s Caesar salad, Soy Edamame, and their Three Mushroom soup as appetizers. The salad, for me, was one of the best I have had so far. It tasted delicious and had a decent serving size. We did not regret ordering Soy Edamame and the creamy soup either. The soup had a nice blend of veloute sauce with black and shitake mushrooms cooked in a light vegetable stock. Upon asking the server about their most requested items on the menu, he told us the wrapped chicken is one of their most popular items and we were not disappointed. It was pan-seared with a filling of bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives wrapped in turkey bacon and served with red pasta — the star of the dish in my opinion.

If you have an inclination towards beef, their Pad Thai Crispy Beef is a good option. The beef with sesame seeds was cooked in spicy Thai sauce tossed in Pad Thai with egg, bean sprouts, and bird eye chilies.

When it comes to service and cleanliness, Dock27 did not disappoint. While the food items were relatively pricier than the myriad of establishments at Mall 1, the food at DOCK27 is well worth the expenditure.

What I woefully regret about my visit to the restaurant is missing out on dining in their beautiful outdoor setup that was unfortunately closed off. It goes without saying that I am already looking forward to going back and enjoying a delightful meal outdoors while basking in the afternoon sun since winter is coming. Sorry, couldn’t resist the obligatory GoT pun. To sum it up, if you are looking for a themed space with beautiful interiors and good food, Dock27 is worth a visit. Might I add, if you are planning on taking good pictures with your friends then do pay them a visit while the sun is up.

You can thank me later!

The bannered image is courtesy DOCK27’s facebook page.


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