Hania Aamir was once a frequent presence on our Instagram feeds, but lately, she has not been active on Instagram. The actress says that it is a deliberate choice on her part.

The Ishqiya and Dil Ruba actress recently had an Instagram Q&A session with fans, where she discussed a variety of topics, including her feelings on being single, her love for Billie Eilish, and something we’ve all been wondering about: her obvious Instagram absence.

A fan asked Aamir, “Why are you not as active on Instagram as you used to be?”. To which the actress replied “Don’t feel like it anymore. I’ve picked enough battles here. Voicing your opinions comes at a price and the price is your mental health. The gossip, the mean comments, and the ‘putting each other down on the internet had started getting to me. And honestly, I lost faith in humanity so I need a break. I don’t feel like putting my life out there anymore. To be honest, I’m at peace. I like that people know less and say less. Maybe one day Instagram and I can rekindle the friendship we once had but for now, I’m good,” she said.

Aamir has spoken up about her experiences with cyberbullying and social media abuse. She encountered a frightening scenario in which someone exploited a video of her Instagram Live to include an image of a guy ejaculating over her photo, in addition to a barrage of nasty comments thrown her way.

She chose to cut down on her usage of social media as a result of the event.

Other queries from fans were also addressed by the Ishiqiya star. An admirer inquired, “Are you single?” “Are you looking for someone if you are?”

“[I’m] single yes,” Aamir answered. “I’m not looking for anything. Just spending quality time with the people that are closest to me, focusing on my craft, and working really, really hard. Actively looking for someone doesn’t work to be honest. When it is meant to be, it is meant to be. God works in mysterious ways.”

A fan inquired about Aamir’s views on the current outages of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Amir answered, “I was on an impromptu trip to Lahore, having some really fun conversations. It really didn’t make a difference”.

The actress also said that she does not like the Netflix programme Squid Game.

Amir also had the opportunity to publicly declare her affection for American artist Billie Eilish. A fan inquired, “Do you love Billie Eilish or do you love Billie Eilish?” Aamir replied, “I like this question.” She shared a photo of herself wearing a Billie Eilish t-shirt on Instagram.

Aamir’s devoted followers were ecstatic to learn that she is filming not one, but two forthcoming television series.

It is relieving to see that the actress is doing well despite her absence from social media. Whether a celebrity or not, no one deserves to be subjected to cyberbullying and harassment, and it is great that she has been able to escape the negativity and enjoy her life.

The story was filed by the News Desk.
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