Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that an investigation will be launched into road-building projects of the past as it was a primary method of stealing the country’s money.

The premier said the government will make roads at lower cost than the ones made during the PML-N’s tenure. 

Performing the groundbreaking of Jhal Jaho Bela Road in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran said the FIA has been mandated to expose the elements that minted money through road projects.

The premier maintained that the current government is spending Rs200 million less on a four-lane road than the roads constructed in 2013, which demonstrated how much taxpayers’ money was plundered in the past.

He assured that the findings of the investigation would be made public.

He expressed the determination to ensure equitable development in order to strengthen the country. “We are focusing on the development of backward areas to bring them on par with the developed ones,” he said.

The premier also stressed improving connectivity in Balochistan, stating that it was vital for the development of the province and Pakistan.

According to him, the provincial government’s 80-kilometre road project will be completed by the National Highway Authority, and the Dolin road project will be completed in three years at a cost of Rs 11,835 million. The project is set to provide 3,000 employment opportunities to local people.

Minister for Communications Murad Saeed said the construction of Jhal Jaho Bela Road is part of the prime minister’s vision to uplift the poorer areas, and that the road infrastructure projects in Balochistan are being completed on a fast-track basis.

Chief Minister of Jam Kamal said both federal and provincial governments are working together for the development of the province.

“We are ensuring a timely completion of road infrastructure projects in the province so that the people can really benefit from them,” the minister maintained.

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