Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Monday that the government was in contact with Interpol on the threatening emails sent to the New Zealand cricket team that resulted in the cancellation of its tour to Pakistan.

Addressing a weekly press conference, he said Interpol has been contacted to probe into 12 emails sent to the team and their “India-Singapore links.”

“There will be good news soon,” the minister said in response to a question.

One of the emails was sent from an associated device in India using VPN, showing the IP address or location of Singapore.

“The device RMX 1971 (Realme) used 13 email IDs and except for Hamza Afridi, the 12 other email IDs had Indian/Hindi names,” the minister said.

THE ECP: Speaking about the differences between the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the government over the issue of electronic voting machines (EVMs), the minister said that both the sides had started mending fences.

The issue would be resolved soon, he added.

Sheikh Rashid said that Prime Minister Imran was committed to ensuring fair elections in Pakistan through the use of the EVMs.

According to him, the interior ministry has forwarded a list of 15 countries to the federal cabinet to approve on-arrival visas for their nationals. These countries include the US, Iran, Russia, Canada and France among others. After the approval, people from 65 countries will be issued visas on arrival.

The minister said the government will reform NADRA and other departments to stamp out fake CNICs and coronavirus vaccination certificates.

He said the government will add 15 more security features on passports to prevent fake copies, adding that e-passports will eventually be introduced to resolve the issue once and for all.

He said more than 70 million people have been vaccinated so far and 7.5 million vaccination certificates have been issued by NADRA.

INTERNAL POLITICS: Speaking about the political environment of the country, Sheikh Rashid said there was infighting in the Nawaz League (PML-N), adding that instead of two, the party would split into three factions before the general elections.

He said PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif should worry about his party instead of going after the PTI government.

Rashid said the government would install Integrated Border Management System at the Torkham and Chaman borders to keep track of arrivals and departures.

He said that the number of Afghan nationals leaving Pakistan was greater than the new arrivals.

About security measures on Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain, Sheikh Rashid said the ministry’s command and control centre will be working round the clock.

He said that the ministry would suspend mobile phone service for security reasons if required by the respective provincial administration.

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