Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday warned the world that instability in the war-torn Afghanistan could affect its neighbouring countries.

Talking to Russia Today (RT) television, Prime Minister Imran said that inclusive government is the only way to peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He said Afghanistan was going through a crucial period. Either it would move towards stability after wars for four decades or it would go in a wrong direction and resultantly chaos and huge humanitarian and refugee crises would affect all the neighbours of Afghanistan, he added.

Pakistan was working with the countries in the region to determine what the Afghan government should do so the international community could recognise it, said the prime minister.

He said the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit meeting was important as it was attended by almost all the neighbours of Afghanistan.

The premier said Pakistan was part of the international community and the recognition of the Taliban government in Afghanistan would be a significant step.

From the standpoint of Pakistan, he said terrorism was also feared from the Afghan soil because previously three terrorist groups were using it for terrorism in Pakistan.

Replying to a question, the prime minister said that despite being an ally of the United States, 480 drone strikes were carried out on Pakistan.

To another question, he said that Pakistan-Russia ties were improving, adding that Islamabad wanted to further boost relations with Moscow.

Pakistan has also good relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia, the prime minister said.

Replying to a question, the prime minister rubbished the claim that Pakistan assisted the Taliban against the United States.

“Unfortunately, a propaganda campaign has been launched against us in this regard. The first thing is to divert attention from the Afghan government’s incompetence, corruption and inability to govern effectively,” he said.

The Ashraf Ghani government has been considered a puppet government by the majority of Afghans because it had no respect in the eyes of Afghans, he added.

Prime Minister Imran said India has launched propaganda campaign as it had invested heavily in Ashraf Ghani government.

He said the Indian propaganda is illogical. How Pakistan can influence 300,000 Afghan army to not fight against Taliban, he posed a question.

If you want to know why the Taliban won 20 years later, you have to do a detailed analysis.

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