Popstar Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears has requested a Los Angeles court to end the 13-year conservatorship, citing changes in circumstances in recent months.

Spears petitioned the judge to “seriously consider whether this conservatorship is no longer required.”

The petition to terminate the court-sanctioned arrangement said, “If Ms. Spears wants to terminate the conservatorship and believes that she can handle her own life, Mr. Spears believes she should get that chance.”

“Ms Spears has recently demonstrated a level of independence that calls into question whether a conservator of the person is required,” the filing said.

The pop star has been trying for months to have her father removed as the overseer of her $60 million estates. She told the court in June the arrangement was abusive and humiliating.

Earlier in August, for the first time in 13-years Jamie Spears said that he was willing to step down but gave no timeframe. Britney Spears also has a second guardian in charge of her personal and medical affairs.

Tuesday’s petition went further than the previous attempt where Jamie asked the court to end the conservatorship entirely.

The decision to end the conservatorship rests with Los Angeles judge Brenda Penny. The matter is due to be discussed at a hearing on Sept. 29.

The court placed the “Oh, I did it Again” singer under the conservatorship in 2008 after she suffered a public mental health breakdown. The nature of her mental health issues remains unknown.

The story was filed by the News Desk.
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