Pakistana and Turkey will co-produce a Tv series based on the inspirational Muslim Leader Salahuddin-al-Ayyubi, knwon as Saladin in the west.

The agreement has been signed between Turkey’s Akli films and Pakistan’s Ansari and Shah Films. The series will focus on Ayyubi’s conquests including the great Battle of Hattin and recapture of Jerusalem.

The two countries have extended their alliance to the media industry as well. Pakistan has always been a great fan of Turkish dramas. From the magnificient Ertugal Ghazi to the fairy tale ishq-e-mamnoun. This new program will no doubt be much anticipated and well appreciated.

The language of art knows no bounds, it has always connected people regardless of their differnces. This initiative might also bring the people of the two countries together.

The story was filed by the News Desk.
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