The team has shown great excitement for the project

Turkey and Pakistan are co-producing a new television series on the life of Salahuddin al-Ayyubi.

The series will jointly be produced by Pakistan’s Ansari & Shah Films and Emre Konuk, owner of Turkey’s Akli Films.

Taking to Twitter, Konuk made the announcement and expressed joy at the finalization of the series. 

“A happy news on a blessed Friday night! Contract signed between Akli Films and Ansari & Shah Films about ‘Sultan Selahaddin Ayyubi’,” Konuk tweeted

Adnan Siddiqui also took to his Instagram on Saturday and expressed his excitement for the upcoming project.

“Taking our commitment to strengthen ties with Turkey further, we embark on a new chapter of this friendship that, we hope, would lead to exchange of fabulous ideas and talent. It’s a win win for our industries and our audience who should look forward some good content coming their way,” wrote the actor.

“Have collaborated with ….. to produce a magnum opus on the great warrior king, Salahuddin Ayyubi. Please partake in our happiness,” he concluded

The series, featuring actors from Turkey and Pakistan, will be shot in Turkey and is planned to have three seasons.

Konuk said he was happy to realize the project, despite being aware of the difficulty in portraying “this great person who left his mark in history and all over the world.”

Salahuddin al-Ayyubi was a Muslim sultan of Egypt and Syria who famously defeated a massive army of Crusaders in the Battle of Hattin and captured the city of Jerusalem in 1187. At the height of his power, he ruled a unified Muslim region stretching from Egypt to Arabia. 

Salahuddin was celebrated by Muslims and many Westerners of later generations for his political and military skills, as well as his generosity and chivalry.

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