The entertainer said that there is no justification or excuse for assault

Ali Gul Pir has taken to Twitter to express his thoughts on social media profiles calling the Minar-e-Pakistan incident a “publicity stunt”.

The comedian said, “Every now and then some incident happens and I get a chance to filter my friend list. Just like now. Let’s say the Lahore incident was a Tiktoker meet-up. Let’s say the guy with her was her boyfriend. Let’s say she posted a picture of her laughing a day later. Let’s say yes to all your theories. Does it still become okay for hundreds of people to harass her or treat her like they did?”

He continued, “All that those men did is still morally corrupt and illegal. Men and sadly some mentally oppressed women will try to justify these criminals by saying “why was she even there?” Is Minar-e-Pakistan only for criminal men? Is it not a part of Pakistan for citizens to explore?”

The entertainer further recalled similar harassment incidents that he had witnessed. 

“Secondly, I grew up in Pakistan and remember the Noori and Junoon concerts I went to with thousands of others. I’m an eye witness to 50 to 200 people jumping on a couple and beating the guy up then ripping the girl’s clothes off, molesting her till security came. I was 14 when I saw this and was scared and horrified. “

Adding further, Pir stated, “What you saw is part of our society. It’s been happening since the 90s according to what I’ve seen. Maybe even before too.” He concluded, “Don’t justify, rectify. Let’s fix our mentality men of Pakistan. Let’s take ownership of our s**t. We can be better!

Ever since the video of TikToker Ayesha Akram being harassed and groped at Minar-e-Pakistan went viral, many among countless artists took to social media and condemned the incident in stern words. 

Even though police reports have verified the assault, self-proclaimed social media ‘investigators’ believe that the TikToker was “well aware of the consequences for arranging a meet and greet at a public place on a day such as August 14.” 

Many called out Ayesha for “staging the episode” and engaged in a barrage of victim-blaming. 

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