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The total volume of the federal development budget has been set at Rs900 billion. A total of Rs672 billion has been allocated for ministries for their development and upgradation. The Aviation Division has been approved a development budget of Rs56.2 billion.

The climate change development budget has been allocated a budget of Rs14bn. Commerce division to get Rs30 million development budget while Rs9 billion has been set for Ministry of Education and Training.

The Ministry of Finance to spend Rs94 billion on development works. The Ministry of Human Rights to receive Rs220 million in the development budget. Ministry of Industry and Production to spend Rs3 billion. Higher Education Commission (HEC) to get Rs37 billion development budget. A total of Rs14.94 billion set for housing and construction. The development budget for the Ministry of Information will be Rs1.84 billion.

The Ministry of IT to spend Rs8 billion on development work while a budget of Rs2.56 billion set for inter-provincial liaison.

Development budget proposal of Rs22 billion for the Ministry of Interior. For development in Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, a budget of 6 billion has been allocated. For Ministry of Law and Justice, a budget of Rs4.95 billion has been allocated.

The Ministry of Shipping and Maritime affairs will get Rs30 million in the development budget. For Ministry of Counter Narcotics, a budget of Rs12 billion has been proposed. A total of Rs22.82 billion development budget has been set for National Health Services while National Heritage and Culture Ministry will get Rs45.9 million.

A total of Rs118.9 million development budget allocated for social security. There will be a development budget of Rs30 billion for the railway division. For Ministry of Science and technology, 8 billion has been proposed.

A development budget of Rs110 billion has been allocated for water resources. National Highway Authority (NHA) has been given a budget of Rs113.95 billion. Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) will have a development budget of over Rs53 billion. Allocation of Rs60 billion has been made for other needs and emergencies.

The author is a business correspondent based in Islamabad.


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