The members of the civil society have raised their voice on Twitter and demanded justice for Faizan Jattak, a student who was allegedly killed by the firing of Eagle Squad of Quetta Police on Wednesday night.

This incident took place on Sariab Road. The relatives of the slain student blocked the Sariab Road in protest and demanded action against the Eagle Squad members.

This indiscriminate killing of Faizan Jattak has triggered massive protests on social media. People are using the hashtag #justiceforfaizanjattak to demand action against this gruesome killing last night.

Awami National Party’s (ANP), Secretary-General, Mian Iftikhar condemned this brutal murder and asked for an investigation and punish the killers.

A Twitter user lambasted the Eagle Squad and said, “A personal loss. This young man Faizan Jattak who was a student has been killed by the Eagle force in Quetta today. Who has given such authority to them to kill people during snap checking?”

A journalist, Adnan Amir has asked the authorities to trial of the Eagle Squad members under the Anti-Terrorism Act, “The Eagle Squad members involved should be tried under Anti-Terrorism Act.” #justiceforfaizanjattak

People have raised questions regarding the training of these Eagle Squad members. How can they fire straight on citizens during snap checking? Why they are not properly trained and have any accountability mechanism? Why such an ill-trained and anti-people force has been allowed to operate in Quetta?

The protestors have demanded that the Eagle Squad members involved should be tried under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Eagle Squad was established as an elite force in Quetta by Police to patrol the roads of the city. In the last few years, there have been numerous instances of Eagle Squad Members abusing citizens with violence.

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